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Okay, so after updating the blog today, I realized that I am far behind on pictures and life events.  So, I’m going to do a few posts for family members and those interested, about the last year.

It’s been a challenging year time wise as we dealt with a traumatic birth/recovery, the baby’s breathing condition, and developing a local cooperative for homeschool families on top of the normal craziness of homeschooling with seven kids.

Without further adieu, here are the family photos from December 2013.

 Nathan 12
Brennan 10
 Abigail 8
 Wesley 6

 Seth 4

 Ransom 2

 Timothy 10 months
 Random Extras:

 I found this picture on the camera when I was editing.  I love real life action shots so this was a nice surprise.  And, it proves that I was there that day:)

Favorite Out-takes: 

 Sun, sun, go away!  Little Sethy wants to play.

 …because a smile is just so hard.
 Yes, family photo shoots are this much fun.  Do you believe me?
 Hey, mom, watch this.
 Oh, that Arizona sun!
 …because even the most sober of kids has to let loose every once in a while.
 What is it, my precious?
…still just so hard to manage a smile.

Up Close and Personal: