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This is just a quick post with many pictures and few words for family members far away and any friends who are interested in seeing pictures of the kids as they grow:)

We have started a tradition of taking family pictures each Easter morning with this large frame so that in the years to come, we can watch the kids outgrow the frame year by year.  Here are the pictures from this past Easter.

Nathan 12
Brennan 10

Abby 9
Wesley 6
Ransom 3
Seth 4

Timmy 1

I guess Seth saw this as the perfect opportunity to see if he could fit his fist in his mouth.  Boys!

We were happy to have Peter’s parents join us for Easter this year and so we had them join the traditional photo shoot.

Here they are with seven of their ten grandkids.

And, although this isn’t a perfect picture, we take what we can get with seven kids!