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In late May, we took a trip to Texas to celebrate my little brother’s graduation from medical school and to reconnect and fellowship with my family.  It was such an amazing time for our family.  And, like every good homeschool mom (insert sarcasm), I turned it into a two week long field trip.  We learned so much during these two weeks and were able to drive through the states that two of the kids are currently researching for their year end reports.  

We started by making the drive to Galveston in just two days.  I do not suggest this for those with littes.  We spent about 12 hours total traveling each day (about 9 hours of road time).  But, we made it for graduation and then enjoyed Galveston for a day before moving on to the next destination.  Here are a few pictures of our time in Galveston.

We didn’t actually go to this amusement park but thought it was so unique and made such a great picture.  I believe this pier held the hotel where my parents honeymooned.  After Hurricane Ike it was rebuilt as an amusement park.

This was Timmy’s first real beach experience so I spent much of my time getting pictures of how he enjoyed his day at the beach.

He pretty much kept to the sand and shade as he wasn’t a big fan of the crazy seaweed season or the rushing waves.

Here are some of the other kids enjoying the rare treat of a beach day.

After the beach, we cleaned up (as much as anyone ever does in Galveston) and headed to The Strand to enjoy more of what this island has to offer.  Here are a few more pictures of the rest of our Galveston day. 

We met up with aunts, uncles, and cousins.  This was the first time that all nine cousins were together.   

Stay tuned for more posts on this trip:)